2016 Karaoke Contest

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Karaoke Contest!
WIN $300 CASH! Doesn't matter if you are a good singer or not. Come down bring your friends. The contestant with the loudest support wins the CASH. Must qualify to participate in the CASH prize. Chance to qualify every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday Night. One winner from each night qualifies to the next round. Sing your heart out and win cash.

Mark your calendar. March 26th ($300 CASH PRIZE), June 25th ($300 CASH PRIZE), September 30th ($300 CASH PRIZE), December 30th ($300 CASH PRIZE) FINAL ROUND December 31st ($1000 CASH PRIZE)

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1st annual Cheerful Tortoise and Cheerful Bullpen battle of the bars wing eating contest. There will be separate divisions for men and women. You may only compete at one bar during this challenge. Top 3 in each division will receive prizes. And the following week the top 6 from each division will face off and only one woman and one man will be crowned and granted the title "Cheerful wing eating champion". There will be a grand prize awarded to each divisional champion. There's a $10 registration fee. Signups will be held now until Feb. 21st. Ask your bartender or server for more details.


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Join us Tonight January 30th, 2015 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at The Cheerful Bullpen.
Beer Tasting! Come meet some promo GIRLS!!! Win prizes. Drink beer. See you tonight!

If you cant make it tonight. Join us at The Cheerful Tortoise tomorrow January 31st, 2015 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. Beer Tasting! Meet some promo GIRLS!!! Win prizes. Drink beer. See you tomorrow!

Superbowl Party

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Join us this Sunday Feb 1st, 2015 for our Cheerful Superbowl Party. Win great prizes. Enjoy our fabulous wings. Party starts at 1:30pm until the end of the game. Spin the wheel for your chance to WIN!


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Check out our new food menu. Please open the attached PDF. Cheers
Or Check out our Cheerful Bullpen Facebook page for up to minute menu changes and specials.

March Madness 2013

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Cheerful Tortoise is ready for March Madness we just purchased three 55" LED TVs and one 70" LED to add to our collection. We are ready for Mega March Madness are you? Cheers
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Cheerful Golf Tourney 3rd Annual

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Join us Tuesday August 14th for our 3rd Annual Cheerful Golf Tourney. If you are interested in details please email us @ info@cheerfultortoise.com and we will send you a PFD. Cheers

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The Cheerful Tortoise
on PSU Campus
1939 SW 6th Ave
Portland OR 97201

The Cheerful Bullpen
By Jeldwen
1730 SW Taylor
Portland OR 97205


* Check out our Cheap Eats
Monday - Friday 3:00pm to 6:00pm
* Late Night Cheap Eats
Everyday Midnight to 2:00am

"All Sports, All The Time!"

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